SeQure Dx, Inc. is applying state of the art genomics technologies for gene editor target profiling to advance discovery, clinical development, and diagnostic solutions. Our core technologies, GUIDE-seq and ONE-seq, enable identification of all potential off-target sites prior to initiating therapy, to allow comprehensive confirmation of actual edits. This information provides gene editing therapeutics developers, physicians and patients with the confidence needed to ensure safe and effective gene therapies.
08.03.21 || SeQure Dx Announces $17.5M Series A Funding

The SeQureDx advantage

GUIDE-seq and ONE-seq are used to nominate potential off-target editing sites in cellular models and free DNA, respectively.  ONE-seq has the advantages that it can be used to assess adenine and cytosine base editors, it allows variant-aware analysis of multiple genomes simultaneously (thousands), and it detects a broader spectrum of off-target sites. Target cells or tissues are then tested to confirm which of the nominated sites are altered after therapeutic gene editing.


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